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When looking for a homemade table, the first question you ask yourself is “what kind of wood do you want?” Although not so important at first, the result of the selected wood can have a lasting effect on the appearance and efficiency of the furniture.

No dining room looks as beautiful as a solid wood dining table. With so many sizes, shapes, types of wood, and accessories to choose from, you may be wondering which wood is best for your dining table. We want to help you answer this question by helping you choose a solid wood dining table that looks good and will last for years to come. Here’s what you need to know:

By the definition of Merriam-Webster, hardwoods are described as “wood of vascular sperm trees, not conifers.” Hardwoods are considered deciduous and lose their leaves when the seasons change. Conifers generally have needle-shaped leaves and tend to retain their leaves all year round. Most conifers are evergreens or shrubs. Conifers are considered softwoods and are commonly used in general construction for boxes, paper, plywood, and veneers. However, hardwoods have a dense or medium core, are less permeable, and are inherently tough. In the Midwest, hardwood species are included, but not limited to. Els, American beech, ash, aspen, linden, brown maple, birch, cherry, elm, hard maple, walnut, red oak, soft maple, walnut, white oak, white pine, yellow poplar. These various types of hardwoods are used in many applications such as flooring, musical instruments, carpentry, joinery and luxury furniture.

After the trees are harvested and converted to wood, the products are inspected, graded, and categorized to determine what the wood can and should be produced for. At Set, the Table, the hardwoods used to create dining room tables and chairs are of the highest standard and include brown maple, cherry, elm, hard maple, American walnut, red oak, walnut, and white oak.

Brown Maple, also known as soft maple, looks a lot like cherry or hard maple and can be seen growing in the eastern United States. Brown maple can be colored in a variety of colors and is the perfect wood for painted furniture. The brown maple grain is more delicate, the heartwood (inner tree) is lighter in color, and the spindle-shaped tree (outer tree) is wider. Although the density will be softer, this type of wood is very suitable for luxury furniture and can give you the look you are looking for at no cost. Brown maple is often used in residential and commercial applications to create a sleek contour look in a more modern furniture style.

Cherry, also known as black cherry, is located in the eastern half of the United States. The colors are very different, but the appearance is very uniform. Light and dark finishes are possible, but due to their beautiful variations, colors are often preferred naturally. It is a fairly hard and durable wood and is very dimensionally stable after the drying process. Cherry is the perfect wood choice for more glamorous and classic dining room table and chair styles and looks rich with a higher level of luster. Elms, also known as American elm or gray elm, are found in hardwood forests in the eastern United States. Elm is reasonably heavy and hard in strength and durability. Known for its distinctive ear patterns, it often mimics zebras and tigers with its unusual and distinctive “striped” appearance. Elm can be used for dining tables and chairs in a variety of environments, from the most traditional to the most modern or contemporary.

Hard maple, also known as sugar maple, is found primarily in the Great Lakes and the Mid-Atlantic region. Due to its high strength and durability, hard maple is more expensive than other hardwoods. The natural colors are beautiful, and the texture and appearance are smooth. Hard maple can vary significantly in grain and pattern. Curly maple is a more unusual and distinct variation of hard maple, named after its curly grain appearance. Hard maple is a great option for table tiles and can be used in applications that enjoy decorating with natural elements and colors.

Walnut wood is widely known for its striking wood grain pattern, which naturally has many knots and gives a rustic impression. It is a tough, durable wood that is often used for tool handles, basketball courts, and other applications where durability is important. Hickory is mainly used in natural shades to reveal unique grains. The ideal wood for dining tabletops, or homes with a more rustic look.

Red oak is one of the most important wood species used in furniture and is found primarily in the eastern half of the United States. Red oak is a heavy tree that grows fairly fast. With a fairly uniform yet open grain pattern, it can be used to create dining room tables and chairs in a commercial or residential environment and often blends with other wood in the space. Walnuts, also known as black walnuts, grow all over the United States. The wood is dark, sometimes reddish, and often has a natural finish. The wide, straight grain of walnut, combined with this type of durability, is usually one of the most popular woods for luxury furniture and is usually expensive. From sturdy table tops to elegant accent pieces, Black Walnut can be used in almost any space for any style.

White oak trees can grow in many parts of the eastern United States but are abundant in the southern regions, including the southern Appalachians. Many barns, known for their strength, liquid impermeability, and resistance to putrefaction, were built in the United States using white oak. At Dek the table, all sandpaper furniture is made of this kind. Quartz Sewing White Oak is also a great solution for those who need a rustic table or a large farmer’s table. The appearance of a quarter of a tree gives it a unique look that is a bit expensive but difficult to find in other species.

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