Why the most expensive wood furniture?

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most expensive wood
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Finding the most expensive wooden furniture on the market today is certainly not difficult, but finding cheap solid wood furniture is almost impossible, and for good reason!

High-quality most expensive wood furniture made from solid wood building materials is often more expensive than options made using chipboard, MDF, plywood, or many veneers. ..

In the following, we’ll dig a little deeper into the reasons behind this pricing so you can understand why wooden furniture is so expensive (and in most cases worth the investment).

Let’s get started right away!

Several factors make wood furniture expensive very . These include:

1.Timeless design: the cost of uniqueness

Furniture takes a long time to design, develop and manufacture prototypes. Creating an original furniture design requires a lot of trial and error and makes the furniture expensive.

Unique or handmade craft furniture is usually rare because it has a timeless and well-designed design. If the furniture is of high quality and few in number, the cost will increase exponentially.

2.Outstanding quality

most expensive wood
most expensive wood

Most furniture is custom-made with high-quality materials and plays an important role in pricing. If you are looking for a piece made of expensive materials and excellent quality workmanship, make sure you pay a fair amount for it.

3.Furniture is durable

The cost of furniture is higher than that of other items in your home because it is durable. Depending on the quality, the part can be used for years or even decades. Such furniture that can be used for a long time is expensive. The good news is that once you buy a part, you don’t have to go back to the store to buy a similar part.

4.Small market question

Fewer customers are choosing affordable, high-end products. Costs increase because the group of customers who can buy custom furniture is small. The most expensive wood cost of manufacturing luxury furniture has a significant impact on its price. The quality and attention to detail of the materials used in the production of the work, among other things, make the furniture stand out and increase costs.

5.Skilled worker

In addition to the high-quality materials and good design that come with the furniture, they need specialists to produce the best. These skilled workers spent several years perfecting their skills. Different professionals make their own works, each with its own particular work. Skilled workers are not cheap and have a significant impact on the total cost of furniture.

Joint structure improves fit and finish

Wood building materials are not designed or manufactured from other components, which can be quite expensive, especially when you start talking about large dimensions (the types needed to build tables, bookshelves, desks, etc.).
But in addition to this, the method of making solid wood furniture often requires a slightly more labor-intensive and slightly more complex hinged approach than screwing everything in and ending the day.
Indeed, many amazing pieces of modern solid wood furniture use modern mechanical fasteners. However, almost all of these parts require to dovetail connections, and stub and tap connections that require the careful hands and knowledge of craftsmen to fully plan and execute these joints (to name a few). Is also included.
Of course, the big advantage here is that the joint structure guarantees a much better fit, a much better finish, a long life and a durable life (and a little more) when properly removed. .. Sulfur tails, mortises and pin joints forever enjoy incredible strength that even some of the best mechanical fasteners can’t provide, especially when combined with a small amount of wood glue. Can last for a day.
On top of that, solid wood building materials need to be finished very carefully (polishing, dyeing, sealing), which is not surprising for this labor-intensive task to be very expensive.

What makes wooden furniture so expensive?

Most expensive wooden furniture is possible, but high-quality pieces of wood are expensive. Poor quality furniture may look good, but it won’t last long. Therefore, you will pay more. Wood may or may not be expensive, depending on the type and quality. Below are the different types of wood available.

Medium density fiberboard and chipboard

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and particle board are custom wood composites made from soft and hard pieces of wood. MDF is durable, dense, reliable, and can be cut with a circular saw. MDF is suitable for use in multimedia cabinets because it does not warp due to the heat of electronic components. It is also perfect for shelves as it can carry more weight and does not bend over time. MDF is also ideal for garment lining as it reduces weight and cost and stabilizes items for extended periods of time. Particleboard (also known as chipboard) is made of large wood chips and is less durable. These materials are glued together with resin. Chipboard furniture is cheap but less durable and more susceptible to damage from gaps in wood chips.

Solid wood

Solid wood is a natural resource that can be either hard or softwood. These materials can be of high or low quality. Hardwoods are rare because they take longer to grow and are more fire-resistant than softwoods. For this reason, hardwood furniture is more expensive than softwood furniture.

Hardwoods are more expensive because they use most of the wood (heartwood). The central part of the tree is stronger and has a richer shade. Some hardwoods, such as walnuts, are more expensive than others because they are rare due to their limitations. Maple, cherry, and ash are more commonly available because they are longer and therefore cheaper.

Birch is the cheapest hardwood because of its uneven natural grain. Therefore, this wood is ideal for making colored paint or colored furniture.


The veneer is a cheap alternative to hardwood. This means placing a thin piece of the premium wood panel on top of some kind of laminated lumber. The monolayer gives the appearance of hardwood grain, but the underlying material reduces costs. However, veneer has one drawback. That means less furniture can be repainted. For this reason, it is not possible to make planks using this material.


Plywood is designed from layers of wood that are glued together in alternating sections. There are both softwood and hardwood plywood versions that affect its durability. Plywood also has multiple layers (called layers) in the range 3-9. The strength of plywood depends on the number of layers and also affects the cost. Multilayer plywood is stronger and more expensive. The oven-dried hardwood layer retains its shape and produces the highest quality plywood without warping. Plywood can be molded and bent for specific applications, such as the base of stressless chairs containing 32 layers of oven-dried wood.

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